Geotechnic / Soil data

In order to help our customers to determine the best possible driving equipment, IHC Equipements et Services S.A.S. provides a very experienced geotechnical consultancy.
Therefore, we perform piling feasibility studies according to a given piling project. 

The choice and the calculation of the most suited model is determined by a deep technical study previously developed according to the soil investigations, the layout of the working area, the nature of the piles to be driven, the purpose of the works and the surroundings of the structure that is being built.

The choice of the suited hydraulic hammer or vibratory hammer depends on three main parameters :

  • The direct surroundings of the jobsite area (urban location, presence of networks, harbour or anything else).
  • The characteristics of the piles.
  • The soil conditions.

We make the choice of the most suitable driving equipment thanks to softwares as CALYPSO and WEAP.
These softwares take into account geometrical characteristics of the piles, the soil investigations, and then establish effective driving simulations provided that we get the demanded soil survey measuring results.

The environmental requirements are taken into consideration as well.
We are used to providing resonance free vibratory hammers so that no vibrations during start up and shut down be spread into the soil and flexible pile insulation, when necessary, so as to decrease the noise level while implementing a piling with an IHC impact hammer.

The use of measurement and recording of grain particle velocity device, called "VIBRA", is independent of ICE or IHC driving equipment.
It gives the possibility to know, whenever requested during the piling, whether the threshold of vibrations into the soil is overcome.


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