IHC Equipements & Services S.A.S. has a large rental fleet based in Verberie (60) FR, available for customer use, and guarantees a complete maintenance and aid service.

IHC Equipements & Services S.A.S. carries out the loading and unloading of a lorry with its foundation equipment.

We allow you to make use of the most advanced technic methods to work out your projects, and we offer you general terms and conditions of rent with respect to your works.

The rental fleet has the latest models available.

The range of ICE's vibratory hammers and of IHC's hydraulic hammers, as well as their clamps and sleeves, provided for rent, is really diversified :

  • Normal Frequency Vibratory Hammers : are used to drive piles where there aren't pipes/culverts or buildings close to the jobsite.
  • High Frequency Vibratory Hammers : are used in case of presence of buildings or pipes/culverts at a nearest distance of 10 meters from the jobsite.
  • Resonance Free Vibratory Hammers : are used where the buildings or pipes/culverts are close to or adjacent to the location of piling (within 5 meters).
  • Excavator Mounted Vibratory Hammers : in case of short space requirement.
  • Hydraulic Hammers "S" series : the ram is quite light, the impact energy is due to the accumulation that comes from compressed nitrogen stored at the top of the ram. They are suited and efficient to drive steel piles, steel tubes, H-profiles and offshore piles.
  • Hydraulic Hammers "SC" series : the ram is heavier and its acceleration is less than "S" series. The piston stroke is the same for both series but the barrier impact speed is lower within the "SC" series. This is much proper to drive concrete piles.
  • Clamp or sleeves which fit the vibratory hammers or the hydraulic hammers : they are sized and designed regarding the nature and the shape of the piles to drive.


Each vibratory hammer, beside the ones that are excavator mounted, is supplied by its proper power pack.


Dredging equipment

The nature of some dredging projects sometimes requires deployment of specific dredgers for just a short period of time; either because the project itself is very short; or because an additional dredger is only required during a particular point in the project. In both cases, investing in the purchase of a dredger is not a practical solution and temporarily expanding its dredging fleet through rental is an attractive alternative. Therefore, IHC Merwede offers the opportunity to rent its standard IHC Beaver dredgers and DMC multipurpose boats models.

Should you have any need for a dredging equipment for a short period, do not hesitate to contact us.

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