TT-Units pumps

The TT-Units can be used in a variety of dredging projects. Most commonly, TT-Units are used for loading and unloading of hopper barges, sand and gravel mining operations and booster station operations.
Other applications such as maintenance dredging, trenching operations and deep suction dredging are amongst other endless possibilities with the TT-Units.


The TT-Units are available in different sizes

Ranging from a suction diameter of 200 mm to 350 mm with a maximum power consumption of 95 to 375 kW respective.
The pressure at the design point ranges from 4.2 to 5.2 bar, which makes it possible to use the unit with a discharge length of over 2500m.
Dredging depth is limited only by practical aspects.
When suspended from a crane, the dredging depth can be up to hundreds of meters.

Specifications of the complete series are shown in the table below :


TT-Unit Suction bore Flow at design point Hman at duty point Max pump power Jet water flow Specifications hydraulic drive
Type (mm)* (m3/h)* (bar)* (kW) (m3/h) at 8 (bar) Flow(l/min) Pressure (bar)
TT 20-95 200 500 4.2 95 95 255 280
TT 24-150 240 900 4.3 150 145 445 240
TT 30-250 300 1300 4.8 250 210 610 280
TT 35-375 350 1800 5.2 375 280 880 296

(* Calculated for water)


Technical information given as an indication, non contractual.


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