IHC Dredgers

supplies the very  best solution for every operational challenge. Whether it concerns a complex custom-built trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD), or a basic model, IHC Dredgers makes the right vessel within the available budget for every customer. Thorough knowledge of the self-propelled segment also puts the company in the ideal position to supply other types of dredging vessels, such as large self-propelled cutter suction dredgers (CSDs).

IHC Beaver Dredgers

is the world leader in the construction of cutter dredgers. The company has built numerous cutter suction dredgers (CSD) throughout the years. IHC Beaver Dredgers builds both standard cutter dredgers from stock (the IHC Beaver Dredger®), as well as dedicated custom built cutter dredgers. Every vessel is a quality product in its own right, meeting all of the industry standards for design and function. IHC Beaver Dredgers can deliver a complete and integrated package of equipment and services including workboats, spare parts, training, dredging advice and maintenance support.

IHC Parts & Services

provides a global service network for the clients of IHC Merwede. Its core business is to keep IHC-Merwede-built dredging and mining equipment (and other equipment) operational in a cost-effective way. Services range from the supply of original installations for new shipbuilding projects to providing replacement parts for vessels at work and complete renovations to ensure maximum output. As the full service provider IHC Parts & Services enables dredge and mining operators worldwide to reduce their total cost of ownership by means of technical availability, total logistic support and training.

Dredgers and dredging spare parts in France

IHC Equipements et Services S.A.S. represents the dredgers and dredging equipments in France. Therefore, IHC Equipements et Services S.A.S. advises you for the most suitable dredging vessels and equipments regarding your requests. 

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