FUNDEX hydraulic foundation machines

MODELS F2200 F2800 F3500 F5000 TBX35
Standard leader length (m) 22 28 35 50 X
Max leader length (m) 25 31 40 56 X
Max torque over the leader (kN.m) 250 470 470 470 350
Standard engine power (kW) 330 440 227 315 273
Max engine power (kW)       565  
Standard flow rate at 320 bar (l/min) 400 520 300 550 520
Max oil flow at 320 bar (l/min) 550 700   800  
Standard pull up force over the leader (kN) 500 800 1000 at 35m/ 800 at 40m 1200  
Pull down force (kN) 200 400 500 500  
Transport weight (tons) 59/65 62/68 74/79 88 32

Technical information given as an indication, non contractual.

The F12SE and F15 are no longer in our standard production line. They are replaced by F2800 and F3500 and are now manufactured only upon special request. 


IHC FUNDEX builds and supplies a wide range of drilling and piling foundation equipments.
Such devices are a complement to the foundation machines offered by IHC Equipements et Services S.A.S.

The following pictures will enable you to discover different models and some of the several ways the IHC FUNDEX foundation machines can be used.

These pictures point out the applications of IHC FUNDEX equipments : they will show you a very efficient way to combine IHC FUNDEX machines with IHC hydraulic hammers or ICE vibratory hammers.
Such combination results in one of the best installation method to carry out deep foundation works or to implement cast-in piles using the piling/extracting principle. 


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