Illustrations of Fluvial works

These pictures illustrate the driving and the extracting of steel tubes, steel piles open and close ended, H-profiles to achieve shore protection, docking piles, timbering and walling, cofferdams ...

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Driving a metallic section at a 45° angle

The 416 ICE hydraulic vibrator is free hanging from a cable shovel with a triangulate sling at end of te lifting hook, which allows the inclined position of the vibrator.

Driving sheet piles on a riverside

The 223 ICE hydraulic hammer is used to carry out a river bank reinforcement by the means of a sheet pile wall.

Dimensioning according to the characteristics of the sections

The geometrical characteristics of the metallic sheet piles play an important part in our dimensioning an ICE hydraulic vibrator model.

Here, the technical study favors the use of a 1423C ICE vibrator.

Lengths of the sheet piles do not matter

The amplitudes of the vibrations transmitted to the sheet piles through the 14RF ICE hydraulic vibrator are vertical, resulting in a reduction of the transversal sollicitations on the sheet piles thus carried out.

The sole length of the sheet piles is not an impediment to the use of ICE vibratory devices.

Sheet pile wall protection

Using ICE hydraulic vibratory devices, a 216 ICE vibrator for example, is common to build a sheet pile wall protection against a river, whose level rises in a worrying way during a flood. 

Driving metallic sheet piles

Sheet pile wall protections against a river, whose level rises in a worrying way during a flood, can get built using ICE hydraulic vibratory devices, such as a 216 ICE vibrator.

Working nearby civil engineering works foundations

ICE hydraulic vibratory devices meet several requirements allowing them, amongst other things, to work nearby piers and civil engineering works foundations or a viaduct.

Wharfside vibration driving works

216 ICE hydraulic vibrator is driving steel tubes on the edge of the wharf.

The configuration for these works consists in a 216 ICE hydraulic vibrator, a platform and a roadster mobile crane.

Consolidating banks

A 216 CE hydraulic vibrator perfectly suits to these bank consolidation works by the means of a sheet pile wall.


This 216 ICE hydraulic vibrator is hanging from a cable shovel, which itself is installed on a floating platform.
This arrangement is a solution which has no effect on the stability of the vibratory device when driving the sheet piles.

Free hanging

This 216 ICE hydraulic vibrator used to drive metallic sheet piles is free hanging and is powered by its hydraulic power pack.

Handling the tube

The 416 ICE hydraulic vibrator grasps the steel tube in two points thanks to its caisson clamp, and in a first time, enables to shift the tube to the place it was intended to be driven.

Adaptation to the diameter of the tube to be driven

Here, the 216 ICE hydraulic vibrator is fitted out with a beam on which the clamps slide independently the one from the other, resulting in the possibility to adapt the space between the clamps to the diameter of the tube to be driven.

18RF ICE vibrator model

This work, carried out with efficiency, is the result of a favourable environment and of the use of a 18RF ICE hydraulic vibrator.

Bank protection works

The excavator mounted vibrators, like this 328B ICE vibrator, represent a perfectly suitable equipment to work in a small space, as it is the case in bank protection works.

Easy handling - Efficient guiding

A 328B ICE vibrator is easily handled by a hydraulic shovel.
The general foreman controls the motions of the vibratory device and the guiding thus finds itself efficient.

Driving sheet piles

A S35 IHC hydraulic hammer is driving sheet piles to the requested height.

Driving steel tubes

A steel tube is getting driven by a S90 IHC hydraulic hammer.

Driving dolphins

The dolphins get driven by a SC40 IHC hydraulic hammer.


The dolphins get driven thanks to a 
S70 IHC hydraulic hammer.

Combi wall

A S70 IHC hydraulic hammer is driving sheet piles and dolphins which make up the combi wall.

Piling and rock breaking

A S70 IHC hydraulic hammer is driving sheet piles and dolphins.
It is arranged to carry out rock breaking works. Therefore it is fitted out with a cutter.


Raked piles

A S70 IHC hydraulic hammer is driving a raked pile.

Sleeve and guiding leg

The S70 IHC hydraulic hammer is fitted out with a sleeve to which one more guiding leg has exceptionally been fixed.

Leader guiding

A S90 IHC hydraulic hammer is leader guided in order to optimize the guiding of the pile which is getting driven.

Small space arrangement

To ensure a smaller space and a better accessibility to the work to be done, the use of a hydraulic shovel is requested.
This SC30 IHC hydraulic hammer, fitted out with guiding legs, is hanging from the end of the shovel arm to drive sheet piles.

Large diameter tubes

The diameter of the sleeve, the S150 IHC hydraulic hammer is fitted out with, is adapted to the large diameter tube which is getting driven.

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