Illustrations of Miscellaneous works

These pictures illustrate the driving of raking piles, batter piles, vertical drains, vibroflotation, stone columns to achieve deep foundations, soil stabilisation ...

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Vibroflot compaction

This 216 ICE hydraulic vibrator is used for a vibroflot compaction.


A 116 ICE hydraulic vibrator is carrying out a vibroflot compaction.

Driving vertical drains

A 216 ICE hydraulic vibrator is driving vertical drains.


This 223 ICE hydraulic vibrator is leader guided and is driving vertical drains.



A 625B ICE excavator mounted vibrator is driving vertical drains.

Vertical drains by twos


A 216 ICE hydraulic vibrator is driving vertical drains in two by two.

Removal from walls

A 328B ICE hydraulic vibrator is used to remove coal from walls.

Positioned on swan neck

A 428SH ICE hydraulic vibrator is positioned on tip of the swan neck in line with the shovel arm.


A 625SH ICE hydraulic vibrator is adapted on tip of the shovel arm through a swan neck.

Ballasted columns

This 28RF ICE hydraulic
is used to carry out ballasted columns.
The vibratory device works to drive the element, then to extract it.

Bentonite wall

A 1412V ICE hydraulic vibrateur drives and extracts the metallic section in the scope of implementing a bentonite wall.

Raked Berlin wall

This 416 ICE hydraulic vibrator is guided on a raked leader, which allows the implementation of a raked Berlin wall.

Raked driving

A 420 ICE hydraulic vibrator is driving a raked element through a leader guide.

Concrete reinforcement pile

A 416L ICE hydraulic vibrator can drive concrete reinforcement piles, by driving and then extracting them.

Sand reinforcement piles

This 418S ICE hydraulic vibrator is implementing a sand reinforcement pile to strengthen the rail way.

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