Illustrations of Offshore works

The pictures below highlight the driving and the extracting of steel tubes, steel piles open and close ended, H-profiles to achieve conventional jackets, conductor installations, main piles, skirt piles, guide tower, foundation piles, torsion piles, tension piles, template installations, anchor pile installations, plem piles, pipeline supports, subseabed installations ...

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Driving steel tubes

A S90 IHC hydraulic hammer is driving a steel tube.

Piling underwater

A S90 IHC hydraulic hammer is piling steel tubes underwater.

Underwater steel tubes piling by a S90 IHC hydraulic hammer.

Underwater guided piling

This S200 IHC hydraulic hammer is fitted out to achieve guided piling underwater.

Length and diameter of the supplied hoses correspond to the maximum depth to which the IHC hammer will pile.

Double guiding

When driving piles with the S280 IHC hydraulic hammer, their guiding is ensured at the upper part by the sleeve of the hammer and at the lower part by a guiding metalllic structure.

Large diameter piles

This S280 IHC hydraulic hammer is fitted out with a sleeve.

It can drive large diameter piles. This makes it very efficient to drive offshore structure foundations.


This pile, with large dimensions, requires the use of a S280 IHC hydraulic hammer to get driven.

This S280 IHC hydraulic hammer is fitted out with a sleeve.
It is suitable for driving large diameter tubes and is thus often used in offshore works.

Diameters of offshore structure foundation piles and wind farm piles can be large.
Therefore, a S600 IHC hydraulic hammer fitted out with a sleeve with an adapted diameter, meets the requirements of the piling works.

Free hanging

The S500 IHC hydraulic hammer powered by its IHC hydraulic power pack is free hanging from a carrier, which is on a floatting platform, to pile a steel tube.

Underwater rock breaking

A S35 IHC hydraulic hammer fitted out with a cutter allows to carry out rock breaking works.

Driving a sheet pile

A 216 ICE hydraulic vibrator is driving a sheet pile.

Driving a rigid element

This 1412 ICE hydraulic vibrator is fitted out with a universal clamp and is driving a rigid element.

Free hanging vibrator

This 1412 ICE hydraulic vibrator is free hanging and is driving a steel tube.

Adapting the clamp to the tube diameter

This 1412 ICE hydraulic vibrator is fitted out with a caisson clamp which is adapted to the diameter of the steel tube to be driven.

Driving steel tubes

These 1412 ICE hydraulic vibrators are driving steel tubes.

Driving steel tubes underwater

A 416 ICE hydraulic vibrator is driving  a tube underwater.

The 1412 ICE hydraulic vibrator is about to work underwater.

Driving raked steel tubes

A 1412 ICE hydraulic vibrator is driving a raked steel tube thanks to a suited sling and a guiding structure at the bottom of the tube.

Supplying hydraulic hoses

The necessary length of hydraulic hoses for the 1412 ICE vibrator is supplied according to the underwater depth of the tube to be driven.

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