Illustrations of Civil Engineering and Deep Onshore Foundation works

The following pictures illustrate the driving and the extracting of steel tubes, H-profiles and steel sheet piles to achieve deep foundations, cofferdams, diaphragm walls, circular cell constructions, sheet piles walls, combined walls, enclosure of sheet piles, cast-in piles ...

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Driving sheet piles with guiding sheet legs

The sheet piles are driven thanks to a S90 IHC hydraulic hammer fitted out with guiding sheet legs and powered by its IHC hydraulic power pack.


A S70 IHC hydraulic hammer fitted out with guiding legs and powered by its IHC hydraulic power pack is driving sheet piles.


The sheet piles driving works are carried out thanks to a S35 IHC hydraulic hammer fitted out with guiding legs.


A S35 IHC hydraulic hammer fitted out with guiding legs is driving sheet piles to the requested height.

Driving steel sections with a leader guide

Driving steel sections requires an optimal guiding system.
The requirements in this kind of works are made of a S90 IHC hydraulic hammer leader guided.

Pile driving close to a railway

Pile driving close to a railway can be achieved thanks to a S70 IHC hydraulic hammer.

In this case, the pile driving is carried out near a railway by a S35 IHC hydraulic hammer.


A S35 IHC hydraulic hammer is driving a steel tube close to a railway.


Driving foundation piles

The driving of the foundation piles of the work to be achieved is carried out thanks to a S90 IHC hydraulic hammer fitted out with a purposeful sleeve.

Pile driving

A SC30 IHC hydraulic hammer is driving steel tubes to the requested height.

Free hanging

A free hanging S35 IHC hydraulic hammer is driving a steel tube.

Guiding device to drive steel tubes

The driving of the pile is carried out thanks to a free hanging S200 IHC hydraulic hammer from the cable shovel.
A guiding metallic structure is used to fix the verticality of the pile when driving it.

Verticality fixed by a guiding device

Using a leader guided S90 IHC hydraulic hammer guarantees a perfect vertical stability of the steel section when driving it.

Situ cast piles

A S35 IHC hydraulic hammer is carrying out cast in situ piles works.

This hammer drives the steel tube equipped with an expendable pin and then, once the steel reinforcement is installed and the concrete is poured, it extracts the tube from the soil.

Rock breaking

Rock breaking works are carried out thanks to a S70 IHC hydraulic hammer  fitted out with an appropriate cutter.

Dynamic compaction

The IHC hydraulic hammers give the possibility to achieve localized and intensive dynamic compaction works.
Therefore, the S70 IHC hydraulic hammer is specifically fitted out with a compaction plate.

Vibratory driving in urban area

Some models of the ICE hydraulic vibratory devices have been specifically developed to enable vibratory driving in urban area, protecting thus the nearby buildings and the networks from the vibration peak. 

The 28RF ICE model shown there, is a good example.

Use close to habitations in built-up areas

Using ICE excavator mounted vibratories, as the 625B ICE model on illustration, is thoroughly acceptable in built-up areas, thanks to its high frequency working speed.

The possibilities to carry an ICE hydraulic vibratory device are many.

Hereby, a 18RF ICE hydraulic vibrator is installing a steel tube near habitations.
It is free hanging from a mobile telescoping crane .


Working close to a railway

The ICE resonance free hydraulic vibrator series are mainly intended for vibrating driving works near buildings, sensitive networks or also near rail ways, as on this job site, where a 18RF ICE vibrator model is operating.

Civil engineering works foundations

The 416 ICE hydraulic vibrator device is used in the scope of civil engineering works foundations implementation.

It is powered by its ICE hydraulic power pack (300PP model) by means of hydraulic hoses whose lengths are adapted according to the needs.


AZ sheet piles implementation

An ICE hydraulic vibratory device can be positioned in parallel or perpendicular to the sheet pile wall, thanks to the 90° swivelling of the clamps during their mounting. It thus allows a good general modularity.

The 223 ICE vibratory device perfectly suits to the implementation of mated AZ sheet piles because of its parallel positioning .

Earth timbering

Works in small space areas are usually carried out by the means of the hydraulic excavator mounted vibratories range.

This illustration shows the use of a 625B ICE hydraulic vibrator in order to achieve an earth timbering thanks to de sheet pile wall.

Berlinoise wall

Once we know various pieces of information which characterize the configurations of the vibratory driving works, we determine the most suited model to the defined requirements.

The smallest ICE vibratory devices models, such as  the ICE 625 one, are sometimes fully sufficient. It is the case on this vibratory metallic sections driving jobsite to achieve a berlinoise wall.

Metallic sections meshwork

When the soil lends itself to vibration driving, implementing a metallic section meshwork is easy and fast thanks to a 815 ICE hydraulic vibrator.

Driving steel sheet piles

Here, the 1412 ICE hydraulic vibrator is used in the scope of driving metallic sheet piles on a jobsite located in the open country, in embankment and site development phase.

Driving a steel tube

When the conditions are favourable, the use of an ICE hydraulic vibrator device is combined with the driving of any kind of rigid element sections.

On this jobsite, the 815 ICE vibrator is driving a steel tube about 10 metres high.

Sheet piles guiding

Sheet piles in the lead can be guided by the clamp of the 416 ICE hydraulic vibratory device.

The lower part of the sheet piles can be guided by a structure made of metallic sections and sheet piles, as you can see on this illustration.

Power supply of ICE vibratory devices

Each ICE hydraulic vibratory device is powered either by the hydraulic circuit of the carrier or by a hydraulic power pack.

The 11RF ICE hydraulic vibrator is powered by its ICE hydraulic power pack (330RF model ).


Adaptation on a hydraulic shovel

The ICE hydraulic excavator mounted vibratories, such as the 428B, are powered directly by the hydraulic circuit of the shovels thanks to only 3 connections of hydraulic hoses.

An adaptation plate, which suits the shovel, allows the mechanical assembling between the shovel and the ICE hydraulic vibratory.

Adaptation to big dimensions diameter

Steel tubes with great diameters are driven by the means of ICE hydraulic vibratory devices.

This picture illustrates the capacity of the caisson clamps mounted on the 815 ICE vibrator to adjust to the diameter of the tube, sliding along a beam.

Tides and storage of the vibrory device on a carrier

The construction of a straight sheet pile wall partly results from the stability and the balance of the whole set "cable shovel – ICE hydraulic vibrator – sheet pile".

The influence of the tide requires that we put the hydraulic power pack of the 815 ICE vibrator on a carrier.

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